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(ooc: If anyone would like to have J to have noticed what their characters were doing at any time, just..leave a comment? And it will be like J observed what the character was doing and wrote it in his logbook <3)
Everyone on all teams...

Let's work hard and do our best!
I'm really glad it's almost spring! I don't like the cold that much...It's too dreary here during the winter.

[Private to Qui//Unhackable]

How do you like Wammy's House so far? Have you settled in yet?
I'm so sorry for not posting in this for a while!

I was really trying to study harder...I want to do much better than I'm currently doing, but I would like to speak with some of you more often.

Um...has there been anything interesting that I've missed?

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Hey everyone.

I'm so sorry I haven't been speaking to anyone lately. I hope everyone had a Happy Christmas?

[ooc: Okay here's the story. J has been fighting off a bad cold for the past couple of weeks and will use the excuse that he's been trying to study even harder after L's message. If X-mun and K-mun don't mind, shall we assume the three of them made cookies for everyone in the orphanage? So on Christmas morning, everyone found a package of cookies waiting in front of their doors.]
hey every1...

sorry i havent been around much. feeling a bit under the weather...

ah..whats every1 been up 2 lately? :)

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ive been slipping behind w/my studies...i think i have to stay in today to catch up a lil bit...

its getting rly cold outside. i hope every1 is staying healthy :/ that wouldnt be good.

ahhh...if any1 rly needsme ill b in my room 2day :)

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Private to Self//UnhackableCollapse )

I'm sorry that L is leaving...I didn't get a chance to talk to him...

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[ooc: Translation: I can't decide...I love him but...but...If he hurts me one more time...I don't know what I'll do...In my heart...I want to tell him sorry but...how can i do that after all that? I wanted him to hurt like me...[english] I love him still.]



What do these words mean to all of you?
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